Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Polish Party: Glitter Nails

This month's theme was glitter. Now in my house when you say glitter, one person and only one person comes to mind; the fairy himself, David Bowie. The glitter was a lot more prominent with a gloss coat, but the portrait and over all look, looked better with the matte coat, so the theme did suffer slightly. Also, this is my first real portrait design, which i am super excited about, because i have always wanted to do portrait nail art. With that being said, i am not 100% completely happy with it, because i can see my own mistakes, but i think i did pretty damn good considering it was done when my left (non-dominant) hand. 
*also, i didn't mess up on his eyes, David Bowie's left eye is permanently dialated. This is because when he was 15, he got im a fight over a girl, and was punched in the eye, by his friend.